Cerro Alto Wind Farm

Cerro Alto Wind Farm

UNIVIENTO S.A. signs 15 year PPA for its Cerro Alto Wind Project

Buenos Aires, Argentina – UNIVIENTO S.A., an Argentinean company specifically set up for allocating 100% of the assets, studies, authorizations and contracts regarding “CERRO ALTO WIND PROJECT” in northern Patagonia, has recently signed a 15 year PPA with the mixed owned CAMMESA energy clearing house, by express instructions from the Argentinean Energy Secretary.

The PPA is dollar denominated, payable in Argentinean pesos, and could be automatically extended for 18 more months.

The signing of the long term PPA allows for an eventual financial closure, as these intensive CAPEX projects needs certainty about repayment horizon. At the same time, it puts the 50MW CERRO ALTO WIND PROJECT in a very good position to receive equity & debt funding, as it stands as one of the very few projects with a PPA in the country.

For further information about Univiento & Cerro Alto Wind Project, please visit: www.univiento.com.ar


Univiento S.A. is the SPV created in 2011 for allocating 100% of the assets, studies, authorizations and contracts regarding Cerro Alto Wind Project in northern Patagonia, Argentina. It is fully owned by Argentinean citizens and has no other activity besides the one describe.


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