Start: March 8, 2017
End: January 10, 2017

Event Venue

Alvear Palace Hotel Avda. Alvear 1891 C1129AAA CABA Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Economist’s Argentina Summit will bring together more than 200 government and business leaders to evaluate Argentina’s progress over the last year and to discuss the country’s social, political and economic future in the year ahead.

  • What is the outlook for growth and the peso?
  • Will the government succeed in bringing in fresh thinking to political institutions?
  • What can we gather about Argentina’s future from countries that have faced similar development challenges?
  • What’s next for multinationals doing business in the country?
  • How can Argentina leverage talent to catalyze innovation and entrepreneurship that drives economic growth?
  • What are the structural challenges that still need to be resolved to bring greater investment from a disgruntled private sector?


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