Brazil Solar Power – Conference & Exhibition, to be held in Rio de Janeiro, on June 30 and July 01, is the official Brazilian PV event, organized by the PV Market official association and by the main content provider of the Brazilian electrical sector. The conference will address highly relevant issues, both on large-scale generation and rooftop generation. The trade show offers flexible opportunities that meet the needs and investment availability of both small and large businesses.

Since 2014, the Brazilian government has set a milestone of adding 1GW of large-scale PV capacity per year through solar electricity auctions. This policy has resulted in more than 2 GW of contracts to deliver PV electricity during the next 20 years. In addition to booming growth in the short term, small-scale PV is expected to reach grid parity in the majority of Brazilian States in less than five years. In the long term, rooftop PV in forecasted to represent between 6% and 9% of all electricity demand of the country by 2050.

Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil