At ReneSola, we are focused on improving production efficiency. We are also continually developing new product lines to provide additional value to our portfolio of green energy offerings; we have expanded into energy storage solutions and energy efficient lighting, among other product categories. Our strong portfolio of world-class products gives us a competitive edge in global markets. Our timely service and just-in-time shipping help our customers improve productivity. Our customers and investors trust ReneSola to be a safe, long-term investment.
ReneSola currently has 42 warehouses and 26 offices around the world which offer local sales, warehouses, and technical and logistics services.
The following is the products of our company
What products we provide?
–Renesola solar modules:
1. Module efficiency: Up to 16%.(Top 7 supplier in USA);
2. Outstanding temperature coefficient rates among Chinese manufactures;
3. Excellent performance at various irradiance
4. Totally PID free (proved by TUV NORD);
–Renesola inverters:
–String inverter:
1. Maximum efficiency of 97.8%
2. High MPPT accuracy >99.5%, dual MPPT helps improving the efficiency
3. Wide input voltage range
4. 5 years warranty, easy installation
–Micro inverter:
1. easy and cost-effective installation.
2. little effect of production power for shadow; increase the generating capacity.
3. Micro Replus inverter is very suitable for distribution PV plant.
4. It is very functional monitoring system for better operation of PV plant.
5. Better after service in whole world, ( special, large and professional service teams in America, Euro and Australia etc)

–Renesola mounting system:
1. Different kinds such as: tile roof system, pitched tin roof system, flat tin roof system, triangle system and Ballasted system.
2. With the certificates: TUV, AS/NZS1170, MCS012 etc.
3. Easy Installation : Any sizes of framed modules can be easily mounted by this system
4. Great durability: All the main parts are made of stainless steel and anodized aluminum which are very good at corrosion resistance and can provide durable service life in outdoor environment; and 100% recyclable
5. High Accuracy: Without the need for onsite cutting, the use of our unique rail extending allows the system to be installed with millimeter accuracy.
6. Guaranteed Durability: we offer 10 years warranty and 25 years service life.

–Renesola energy storage system:
1. Portable solar lighting system(Function:LED lights, mobile phone charger);
2. Off-grid storage system (Lead acid battery /LiFePO4 battery, External/Integrated), (three working modes options);
3. Hybrid storage system (LiFePO4 battery, on/off grid, three working modes options);

–Renesola LED:
1. Comprehensive Certifications: CE, UL, DLC, ES and etc;
2. World famous Brand LED Chips: Cree, Samsung, Everlight, Bridgelux, Sharp, Citizen, Philips;
3. High Quality: high-end raw and processed materials + strict quality inspection
4. Convenient Logistics Network: 28 oversea warehouses + 44 global offices guarantee quicker delivery
5. Better Service: professional sales with quicker response and excellent pre-sales & after-sales.

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