Pv market in chile is looking up

Pv market in chile is looking up

Analysis show that Latin America between 2013 and 2014 was the region that showed the fastest growth in the solar PV mSunEdison_solar_chile-2_700px-690x482arket. While “only” 625 MW of solar panels installed compared to the estimated 6.5 GW within the US during the same time,Latin America photovoltaic installation had an amazing 370% growth, while the US was just 36%.

 The Latin America leader was by far Chile. Mexico and Brazil just after chile in the second and third places.


Chile makes up more than 60% of the Latin America total growth, ending 2014 with 362MW of PV in operation, compared to just 6.7MW solar capacity at the beginning of the year. Chile government said that in December 2014 873MW of PV projects were being built. Another 110MW of concentrating solar power also being developed.


Chile, in the high, hot, flat, barren desert lands at the North of Chile. Chile’s Atacama Desert has some of the world’s most intense sunlight and an area of 40,000 square miles. Duo to chile geography, it’s one of the most productive solar regions in the world. And the area desire for power is growing, industries in chile are ready to buy up as much solar power as the solar power markets is willing to generate.


Despite of the fast growth this year is chile, it is expected 2015 to be the real jump in the solar field in chile.