Solar Trends for 2017

Solar Trends to Watch for 2017

Solar energy reached new heights in 2016, and its outlook is as bright as the sun in 2017. Today, solar power is cheaper than wind and cheaper than fossil fuels. What does that mean for the future of the solar industry, and more specific to our interest, what does that mean for solar generators? The bottom line: now is the time to invest in solar energy including solar generators. In America, a 30% solar tax credit offers homeowners a financial award for investing in solar energy. Meanwhile, here are the top four trends to watch in solar power for 2017.

Solar Will Be The Cheapest Power Anywhere

The one thing that sets solar power apart is that fiery ball of gas that shines in the sky … everywhere. Because the sun reaches every part of the planet, solar power can be harnessed anywhere. Moreover, since 2009, solar prices have declined 62 percent, as costs are being cut everywhere in the supply chain. That’s why experts and market analysts are predicting that within the next decade, solar power will become the cheapest form of power globally — even cheaper than coal. That’s exciting for the renewable energy industry, and it only enhances the value of a solar generator as your primary source of off-grid power. Unlike gas generators that require fuel, solar generators harness the power of the sun … which, as mentioned, shines everywhere. Solar power will endure.

Photovoltaics Influences Transportation

Photovoltaics are the way that solar generators work. After capturing photons in photovoltaic cells, solar generators then transform that light into energy, which powers your appliances or home. This same technology is being incorporated into the transportation industry. As electric cars have been in development as an environmentally-friendly alternative, that will only work if they don’t use fossil fuel electricity to charge … which explains the investments of Elon Musk and others to harness the same photovoltaic model to power solar cars. Solar panels on roadways are also in development; it’s an exciting time to watch the influence of solar on the transportation industry.

Political Posturing Will Affect Renewable Energy

“There is strong evidence that, regardless of governmental subsidies, the renewable energy industry has passed the point of needing to be subsidized and is ready to stand on its own,” says Bill Finch, the president of Alternative Energy, a renewable energy distributor and consulting group in Downingtown, Pennsylvania. “The last several years of records in manufacturing has confirmed that.”

After the landmark Paris Climate Accords, however, it is possible countries around the world may face domestic political backlash as countries have to start cutting ties to fossil fuel industries. Particularly with a wave of populist elections in Europe and America, who knows what the future holds politically? One thing is for sure, though: the solar power industry has never been stronger, and solar power has never been a more viable option.

Solar Will Power Local Economies

One of the remarkable aspects of solar power is its ability to fuel local economies … where the sun shines, the power is generated. There are no mouths to feed from foreign countries or off-shore oil rigs; when a community invests in solar, that community stands to benefit. Buying local is just plain logical when it comes to solar. Whether you’re in Latin America or the United States of America, there is a local option to invest in solar energy.

Solar Fuels the 2017 Economy

Overall, solar energy is poised to continue its ongoing revolution in 2017, and that is good news for homeowners, consumers, and environmentally-conscious and cost-conscious citizens. There’s never been a better time to invest.

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